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Shows the daily death counts from covid-19. Graphs begin when each country reported at least 10 deaths.

You have to select at least one country on the left to see anything interesting. If no list of countries appears within 30 seconds then refresh the page.

By default, the graph shows 7 day moving averages. The numbers are shown per 10 million of each country's population. This allows a more direct comparison between countries of widely different populations. The vertical scale is logarithmic.

All of these can be changed using the options at the bottom.

Only countries with a population over 40 million and at least one day of 10 reported deaths are shown. However, exceptions are made for South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. These countries have either maintained exceptional suppression of the virus, or in the case of Sweden, have not followed the same strategy as other countries. Their graphs are always shown in grey.